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New: The final SmartCord Review has been sucessfully completed on July 18th

calltouchA request for an updated version of the final report has been suggested, it will offer an opportunity to build upon the work already achieved, to consolidate its impact and will lead to the deployment of the European Smart Card Technology .



Proceedings of the eEurope Smart Cards Open Meeting in Athens, 4-5 June 2003

This meeting on the theme eEurope Smart Card Infrastructure and Services was hosted under the patronage of the Greek Presidency by the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance and provided a wealth of information in each of the following areas:

current Greek objectives and plans for the use of Smart Cards in their Information Society infrastructure
other national, European, and international initiatives and projects in the smart cards sector, in specific areas such as e-government, e-banking, healthcare, transportation, security, e-authentication, etc.
challenges and the developments in smart card based eGovernment strategies with particular emphasis on eJapan
progress on the initiative of the EC and Commissioner Diamantopoulou for the European Health Insurance Card
eEurope 2005 preliminary smart card R&D directions from the FP6 First Call evaluation results
collaboration in smart cards programmes in standardization, in continuation of current projects and applications and in the launch of follow-on activities and plans

The collaborative network established through the eESC initiative is continuing mainly through the CEN/ISSS Workshop on eAuthentication, the ISCI (International Smart Card Certification Initiative) and continued activities by some ex-Trailblazers. Provision for other collaboration is envisaged in proposals currently under evaluation for funding under FP6.

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eEurope Smart Card Newsletter

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OSCIEv2 (March 2003) now available

A management summary (164 kB) and the index to individual parts of the eESC common specifications "Open Smart Card Infrastructure for Europe v2 (March 2003) are now available. For an outline of the core concepts and structure see the Preface (92 kB)

The OSCIEv2 CD in a stylish Smart Card Format will be available from mid April. To receive a free personal copy of the CD you are invited to provide your postal address and other details using the OSCIEv2 CD Order Form Distribution of the limited production run will be on a FIFO basis.

Acknowledgements (106kB) and thanks to all for the interest and participation in the eESC Initiative.

Please address questions or comments to info@eeurope-smartcards.org.

Jan van Arkel
eESC CoChair
Lutz Martiny
eESC CoChair

The eEurope Smart Card Charter has completed its 2002 mission successfully. Its 50+ deliverables represent a significant contribution for the whole smart card community.

This website is designed to disseminate the results of the eEurope Smart Cards initiative: the Open Smart Card Infrastructure for Europe (OSCIE).

The eEurope Smart Cards initiative gathered a vast community of industry experts, users, operators, academics with the objective of accelerating and harmonising the development and use of smart cards across Europe. It led to the production of a set of common specifications CSv2 containing guidelines, best practices, technical specifications and requirements for political, legislative or technical action.


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