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Press Corner

e- Transportation

Media Pack: contains details about the eEurope Smart Card initiative.

Articles about the ESC initiative

Blazing a trail for smart cards across Europe, Card Technology Today, September 2001

European funding for eEurope Smart Card Initiative, Card Technology Today, September 2001

The way ahead for e-purse / by Herve Kergoat, European Card Review Buyer Guide, July, August 2001

eEurope Smart Cards status and plans / by Lutz Martiny and Jan van Arkel, European Card Review Buyers Guide, July/ August 2001

eEurope Smart Cards, 14 months after the Smart card charter / by Stefanos Karapetsis, Electronic Payment System Observatory Newsletter, Nr. 8, July 2001

Public identity, Tapio Aaltonen, Eurowired, issue 2, 2001

eESC Press releases

eEurope Smart Cards issues Health Smart Cards White Paper, March 2003


eEurope Smart Cards issues e-Identity White Paper, April 2003


eEurope Smart Cards publishes the Open Smart Card Infrastructure for Europe, March 2003

CTST April 2002, Media Alert Press conference invitation

Fourth Open Steering meeting, Madrid, June 2002

Common Specifications CD ROM v1 Outline of contents

Third Open Meeting, Sophia Antipolis, Dec 2001

Second Open Meeting, Stockholm, June 2001