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eAuthentication Workshop pre Kick-Off meeting Report Summary

- there will be a further meeting on 16 September to approve a revised Business Plan and to formally start the Workshop

- the search for a high-level chairman preferably a senior national government representative continues

- the Workshop Secretariat was assigned with acclamation to Ms. Catherine Protic from AFNOR

eAuthentication Workshop Kick-off meeting

The kick off meeting will be held in Brussels on 16 September, 2003

With the completion of OSCIE, a CEN/ISSS (pre)standardisation of selected подробные примеры стратегии голубого океана and parts of the specification has been triggered to ensure that the documents are subjected to wider consultation and their maintenance for the near future is well assured.The OSCIE parts are being contributed to a new CEN/ISSS Workshop on eAuthentication for use in creation of a set of CEN Workshop Agreements.

The OSCIE parts being submitted for this CWA process are primarily the GIF Framework, Public identity (TB 1) whitebook, multi-application (TB 7) architecture and the user requirements (TB 8) Best Practice Manual design guidelines relating to IAS. This is complementary to the OSCIE parts and referenced documents that are already (or in the process of becoming) recognised CWAs.

It is envisioned that during a second phase the resulting CWAs will be converted into recognised European Standard(s). Discussions with CEN/TC224 as the relevant body on the eAuthentication formal standards issue are ongoing.

In addition to CEN/ISSS standardisation a concerted Global Standards Collaboration Forum with Japan and USA is active on getting a formal ISO/IEC standard for the common eAuthentication elements.

List of the CEN/ISSS workshops

FASTEST Facilitating Smart Card Technology for Electronic Ticketing and Seamless Travel

URI (User Related Interface) Extended To Multi-application Smart Card

Embedded FINREAD Workshop

E-SIGN Electronic Signatures Workshop

New Workshop

eAuthentication for smart-cards and eGovernment applications

Download Draft Business Plan

CEN/ISSS hosted a preliminary meeting for a new CEN/ISSS Workshop on eAuthentication (WS/eAuth) on 23 April 2003, in Brussels. The Workshop offers the opportunity to assist in establishing a coordinated electronic approach towards the functionalities of cardholder identification, authentication and digital signature mechanisms in the European Union. This common approach will simplify life for citizens in the information society and help accelerate provision of cost-effective eGovernment services.


Workshop agreements

The following documents are either available or linked from the OSCIE Index

CEN Workshop Agreement: Application Interface for smart cards used as secure signature creation devices

CEN Workshop Agreement: eURI (Extended User Requirements Information)

CEN Workshop Agreement: FASTEST

CEN Workshop Agreements: FINREAD and Embedded FINREAD